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PAWS - Pets Abandoned Wanting Support

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About Us

Every animal that PAWS takes in is checked by a veterinarian, is wormed and vaccinated. All cats are tested for Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV) and Feline Leukemia. Adult dogs are tested for heart worms and Lyme disease.

They are then placed with a foster family to be cared for until they are adopted. Adopting families usually have one-on-one contact with the foster family and are able to learn about the pet's behavior, attitude, likes and dislikes, and any training that animal has recieved.

Adoption Process

If you find a pet that you would like to adopt we will give you all the information that we have about that pet.
You will have a two-week trial period to get to know your new pet and to make sure that it is the right one for your family.
You will have to sign a contract acknowledging the full responsibility for the care of your new pet and that you will give the pet the proper medical treatment that it needs in the future including neutering if needed.
Adoption fees vary based on the medical expenses for each animal. We always keep the adoption fee affordable.

Our Programs

Foster Care
We provide loving foster homes until a forever home can be found. More foster homes are always in need. Food and medical expenses are furnished by PAWS. Foster families need to be able to transport pets for vet appointments, make pets available for adoption days and be able to talk with prospective adoptive families about the pets in their care.

Trap Neuter & Release Program
Families with feral cat colonies in the area can get help neutering. To participate in the program families caring for feral cat colonies must be able to transport cats to vet appointments (live traps are available if needed)and be willing to let them be released back on their land providing food and shelter. The cats will be able to live out their lives but will not continue to contribute to the abundance of unwanted cats in the world. Participants are asked for a donation for the neutering provided.

Neutering Certificates
PAWS offers neutering certificates for dogs or cats good at any vet to families who need help getting their pets altered. Call and request a Neutering Certificate Request form and receive $30 towards a spay and $15 towards a castration.

Neutering Specials
Check on our upcoming events page for our Neutering specials. We try to offer them 2 times a year as funding permits. Cats are altered for $30 each and Dogs for $60

Litter Rescue
PAWS usually only takes in stray and abandoned pets. We do not take peoples pets... We have recently implemented our Litter Rescue Program to help families whose pets have had unwanted pregnancies. There are certain terms and conditions to be met with this program as well as a surrender fee for the litter and a commitment from the family to get the parent/or parents of the litter neutered.
PAWS will provide a certificate towards neutering but requires a deposit to be held until the mother is done nursing.

Adopt today and help keep pets from going astray

Our Location... PAWS does not have a shelter and uses only foster care homes in Staples/Wadena & surrounding areas.
We are always in need of more foster parents!
Call today if you want to get involved.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 62
Wadena MN 56482