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PAWS - Pets Abandoned Wanting Support

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PAWS Stories

PAWS holds story contests at some of our events. Some of our winners and more popular stories will be posted here from time to time.

One-Eyed Jack
Arrgh.. Twas a while ago I found myself wounded in battle with me eye a hangin' out of its socket. The mates didn't think I'd make it when they called the old Doc. He said they might as well have me walk the plank and put me out of me misery. Then one caring mate took a chance and called ol' Doc King. She said "Let's see if poor one-eyed Jack wants ta eat. If he wants ta eat, he wants ta live." And a feast they lay before me, and a feast I did eat. With a Pirate's lustful hunger, and a Pirate's lust for life. Doc King tended to me wound and helped relieve the horrendous pain with her special elixer. She called upon her trusted friends at the PAWS rescue group. They took up a collection to remove me eye and get ol' Jack back on his feet again. Twas a long time on the mend and had to live caged up like a thief in the brig.

I retired on dry land after I healed and was taken in by the Leeman family. At first I wasn't the best of company and was quite a squirrelly fellow. I slowly began to trust these strange creatures and realized that sitting in their lap or laying beside them was a great comfort to me. I have even taught them to fetch me toys and entertain me with them. I could watch them play with a string or a ball all day as they try to capture my attention. I must admit though it is a pleasure I enjoy even more than my wild life at sea living on my own.

By: Jack, Sarra and Carol Leeman

Shorty's Story

My name is Shorty. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be here today. I was homeless and pretty lonely. I did not think I would ever find a good home. Most of my first years were spent trying to survive and wondering where my next meal would come from. From time to time, I would find myself on the deck of the Wonders' house. They already had 3 kitties so I knew i would not be a big priority to them. But Mr. & Mrs. Wonders would come out and give me a handout when I was hungry. They would talk to me and ask me where I lived. I wanted to say "I have no home. Would you please take me?" But I would settle for a pat on the head and a friendly voice. Many, many months passed. I was now on first name basis wit the Wonders Family. They called me Shorty. Mainly because my legs were so short. I would come and look in their large picture window and see their 3 kitties snugly perched on their window ledge. Oh, how I wished I could be one of them, especially on those cold days.

Then one summer day, as I was on my usual route, I decided to investigate something. Turned out for me, it was a bad plan. I got caught in a trap. I was not fast enough to get my leg out and I was trapped. This was not a good day! For hours I stayed there trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, back at the Wonders house, they were saying "Gosh, have not seen Shorty in a couple of days, wonder where he is?"

I knew this called for a drastic move. So i wormed my way around till I got loose, only problem being the trap was still attached to my leg. So I went where I hoped they could help me. Yup, The Wonders' house. I walked for miles and my leg was throbbing and swelling pretty bad. I finally made it to the edge of the Wonders' woods. I could see Mr. Wonders working in his shed, and thought.. "if only he would see me and come and help".

My wish was answered and after a few hours of laying there, he saw me and called to me. I am thinking to myself, "I'm lucky I made it this far, I cannot make one more step with this trap on my leg. So he came to me and saved my life. He immediately removed the trap and what a relief!! But i still had a very sore leg. About that time, Mrs. Wonders came home from work and took me into their home and gave me my very own room to recuperate. She did what she could for me and the next day we went to see Dr. Bridget. She looked me over and said taht I would probably lose a couple of toes. But i did not care, I was just glad someone had helped me.

Guess what! They adopted me and I am so very grateful. I finally have my own home and now I am one of those kitties sitting on the kitty ledge looking outside from the picture window. I also have all my toes today! I hope you like my story.

Shorty & Gayle Wonders
Staples, MN


Our neighbor Rachel, who lives down the street from us, found a stray cat and kept her. The cat wandered off one day and she couldn't find her. When Rachel went looking for her, she found not only her cat, but also eight kittens inside the tree. She took them all home and kept them in the garage. I went to go see them when they were about two weeks old.

When the kittens were old enough, Rachel gave them away to different families. She gave them all away except one that she named Tiger. He was her favorite of all the kittens. She kept him in her room because her twin brother Robbie, is allergic to animals with fur.

One time when I went to her house, she asked me if our family wanted Tiger because her mom wouldn't let her keep him anymore. I ran all the way home and when i found my mom I said, "I know you're going to say no, but can we get a kitten?" After a little begging she said "yes" and I ran back to pick up Tiger.

Rachel came to visit him often and he is now my favorite cat. Tiger is the kng of our house. He sits on the clean clothes and gets fur on everything. He lays on my bed when I leave for school and is usually still there when I get back. Even our dog Nikki, stays away from him. Tiger has differing personalities. He can growl and hiss at you when he doesn't get his way, but then when you're least expecting it, he rubs against your leg and purrs until you pet him. He also jumps on my bed in the middle of the night and lays right next to my face and wakes me up.

Tiger has a special place in my heart.

Written by: Rachel Craig